Hercules Mulligan Say It's 'Fastest Growing RTD Spirit' Brand

Hercules Mulligan says in the first three months of 2023, it sold 1034 cases more than in all of 2022, a   For calendar 2022, the brand sold 2008 9-liter cases.  For the 52 weeks ended March 31, 2023, it sold 3,042 cases.  That's 51.5% more in this year's first quarter than in all of 2022.  The brand says it expects to sell 5,000 9-liter cases in all of 2023.

A large part of the growth can be attributed to an increase in the markets in which the brand is available.  Thus far this year, Hercules Mulligan is available in 21 markets in major retailers such as ABC, BevMax, Costco, Total Wine, Specs, and Binny’s. That makes it one of the fastest growing RtD brands in the country, it said.  Those new markets include Texas, Illinois and Florida.

It's launched a crowdfunding effort that raised $750,000 in 17 days from 800 investors.  On one day, $161,584 was pledged.  Details are at https://www.herculesmulligancompany.com/crowdfunding

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