House Panel OKs Heavier 6-Axle Trucks, Is Praised by Beer Institute

The U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved bipartisan legislation increasing the gross vehicle weight (GVW) for six-axle trucks to a maximum of 91,000 pounds.

The action was praised by Beer Institute, which noted that it would institute a voluntary, opt-in five-year pilot program, with an option to extend five more years, to , thereby increasing safety and efficiency of truck transportation.

“More than 137,000 Americans owe their livelihoods to beer distribution, many of whom are truck drivers,” said Brian Crawford, president/CEO, Beer Institute. “This pilot program would allow drivers to carry more beer more efficiently while simultaneously ensuring a greater level of safety. The benefits don’t stop there: adding a sixth axle and increasing payload capacity means annual fuel savings, fewer truck loads and less carbon emitted," Crawford said.

He added that the Beer Institute and its member companies applaud the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for their commitment to addressing our country’s supply chain issues and passing this important legislation. We encourage members in the House of Representatives to do the same when it comes up for a vote.”

H.R. 3372 was introduced by Reps. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) and Jim Costa (D-CA).

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