ISH Launches Non-Alc RtD Mojito

The ISH Mojito is made with ISH Caribbean Spiced Spirit, natural lime flavor and Moroccan spearmint. It comes in single cans ($4.99) and four-packs ($19.96), has 38 calories, is vegan certified and gluten free.  It will be available from Zero Proof and at select retailers nationwide.

The non-alc drinks market was up by 90% in 2022, indicating ongoing enthusiasm for the category. NA drinks are being embraced by people who also enjoy full-strength beverages. “I created ISH so I could have a way to socialize without being wrecked by too much alcohol,” adds ISH founder Morten Sørensen. “I’m not alone – most people (78% according to IWSR) who drink NA drinks also consume alcohol beverages. I’s about
being mindful and balancing your life.”

Technavio projects the RTD market will grow 11% this
year. The three growth drivers are demand for low-alc flavored drinks, health and wellness concerns and desire for convenience. ISH non-alc RTDs meet all three of
these demands.

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