Jackson Family Wines Napa Vineyards Certified Organic

Jackson Family Wines said all its Napa Valley estate vineyard properties achieved organic certification through the Certified California Organic Farmers (CCOF) program. Covering approximately 480 planted acres across 15 estate vineyards throughout Napa Valley, this milestone aligns with the company’s Rooted for Good: Roadmap to 2030 sustainability initiative.

“I firmly believe that agriculture should lead the way in redefining our relationship with the planet as a species. Transitioning our Napa Valley vineyards to organic practices is a testament to the Jackson family’s broader commitment to sustainability,” stated Christopher Carpenter, winemaker at Jackson Family Wines. He added, “This organic certification in Napa represents the initial step as we progress towards regenerative organic certification and continue to foster harmony between the natural world and the agricultural world.”

In overseeing the company’s Napa Valley vineyards, Carpenter collaborated with Vineyard Manager Rafael Jimenez, a 35-year veteran of organic farming. Together, they implemented a range of organic practices, including the use of biochar and compost to enrich the soil and increase organic matter under the vines. Additionally, they transitioned to no-till farming methods and introduced sheep for controlled grazing in the vineyards. Integrated pest management strategies, such as employing ladybugs to control leaf hoppers and installing owl boxes, were also employed.

Securing organic certification was a significant endeavor, considering the diversity of the company’s estate vineyards, which span from valley floor vineyards in Oakville and Rutherford to hillside and mountain estates in Mt. Veeder, Howell Mountain, Spring Mountain, and Diamond Mountain. These vineyards are the primary source for some of the company’s most sought-after wines, including Cardinale, Freemark Abbey, Lokoya, La Jota, Mt. Brave, and Caladan.

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