Joseph Carr, Jean Hoefliger Release Portfolio of Terroir-Driven Wines

Joseph Carr, celebrated vintner and founder of Josh Cellars Wines, and highly-acclaimed winemaker Jean Hoefliger, introduced Force & Grace, a portfolio of wines marking "a new era in the world of terroir-driven California winemaking."

Showcasing the balance between power and elegance, Hoefliger's approach to winemaking is customized for every vintage and variety, resulting in distinctive wines of origin that speak to the art inside of each bottle and celebrate the beauty of California's climate and geography. Introduced by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, this exemplary collection of six fine wines is now available nationwide in limited quantities.

"My journey to becoming a vintner was a unique one," Carr says. "Long before I found my passion in winemaking, I was a wrestler and modern dance performer. These Force & Grace wines celebrate the influence of those two passions in my life, and I'm thrilled to introduce our newest portfolio of California wines." 

Masterfully crafting these wines is Jean Hoefliger, a winemaker with a quixotic mission and tireless pursuit to create the best wines possible. A true wine artisan, Swiss-born Hoefliger has spent decades crafting wines that lie at the nexus between science and art, with a precision that has yielded many accolades and numerous highly rated wines. SRP from $32.99 to $125.

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