Judge Halts Building of New Jack Daniel's Warehouses

Lincoln County, Tenn., building officials have been told to order a halt to construction of new warehouses used to age Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.  The problem:  Existing warehouses are emitting whiskey fungus, which appears as a black crust on surfaces.  

The fungus, which consumes ethanol fumes, grows on surfaces near bakeries and distilleries around the world.  

Some locals are calling on Brown-Forman Corp. to install air filters to combat the problem. A lawyer for the owner/operator of an events venue said he expects to ask a court to order Brown-Forman to stop using six recently built warehouses near the events venue site.

A Brown-Forman spokesperson said the company will work with officials on updated permits and will continue to comply with regulations and industry standards regarding the design, construction and permitting of its Lincoln County barrelhouses.