Keepers of the Quaich USA Gala to Feature Outlander Sam Heu

Keepers of the Quaich USA Chapter (,
the American arm of the Blair Castle-headquartered Scotch whisky society, announced that Outlander star, philanthropist and founder of The Sassenach Scotch whisky, Sam Heughan, will be the keynote speaker for the Gala at a private members club in Manhattan on Oct. 4.

Keeping Scottish tradition alive, the evening’s first toast features the presentation of a
Scottish Quaich, the two handled drinking vessel that dates back to the 16th century. The
Quaich is also known as the ‘Cup of Friendship,’ and has been used for centuries to welcome
friends, family, and visitors at gatherings and celebrate the communal drinking of whisky.

“Scottish culture is a cornerstone of Scotch whisky and we are delighted to keep the storied traditions alive with the annual Keepers of the Quaich USA events,” said Chapter CoChair and Diageo’s Chief Marketing Officer Ed Pilkington. “The USA is the most important market for Scotch and there has always been an unwavering relationship and appreciation between Scotland and the USA, which we are honored to have the opportunity to uphold.”

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