Kickstand Cocktails Partners with Cincy Bengals

Kickstand Cocktails said it partnered with the Cincinnati Bengals. The multi-year partnership kicks off with the 2023-2024 season and includes pouring rights throughout the stadium, including a dedicated Kickstand Cocktails bar along the east concourse featuring signage and a variety of special events.

The only ready-to-drink cocktail dedicated to spice will also be available to Bengals fans pregame throughout the season at The Banks beginning Sept. 25. Fans can visit the Kickstand Cocktails pop-up to sample each flavor, including Roasted Jalapeno Cucumber (mild), Charred Pineapple Poblano (medium), Smashed Raspberry Serrano (medium) and Torched Peach Chipotle (hot), as well as score giveaways, meet special guests and more.

"Kickstand Cocktails' partnership with the Bengals continues to expand our footprint across Ohio, proudly bringing us to the Cincinnati market," said Darren Rovell, CEO and Founder, Kickstand Cocktails. "We are thrilled to partner with the entire Cincinnati Bengals organization on what looks to be another exciting season on and off the field."

Kickstand Cocktails isdistributed throughout Ohio by Heidelberg Distributing Co.

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