La Fête Wine Debuts a New Red Wine

La Fête du Rouge's magnificent Provence red wine joins the luxury lifestyle wine company's award-winning La Fête du Rosé and La Fête du Blanc, making a trilogy of wines that appeal to all drinkers.

"We firmly believe that the Côtes de Provence region is a special place where great wines are made, and we are extremely excited to bring La Fête du Rouge to the world," said Donae Burston, Founder & CEO of La Fête Wine"As more drinkers are looking for approachable red wines that are easy to drink year-round, La Fête du Rouge was a natural progression for our company."

Donae Burston, founder/ CEO of La Fête Wine has remained true to his commitment to showcase the most exceptional wines from St. Tropez, in the heart of the famed Côtes de Provence region, by bringing the South of France lifestyle to the glasses of wine drinkers everywhere. SRP: $34.99.

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