La Marielita Rum Launches

Janet Diaz-Bonilla is launching La Marielita Rum, the first rum founded and owned by a Cuban-American immigrant woman.  It's is aged in Bourbon-curated American white oak casks for at least 18 years with no additives or artificial flavorings.

With a burnt toffee and oak aroma, the rum gradually transitions into cacao flavors as it grazes the palate; with layers of vanilla, coffee bean and orange blossom lingering, it then evolves into tenors of hazelnut and chocolate and ends with a smooth and balanced finish.

La Marielita Rum is inspired by the 1980 Mariel Boatlift, an exodus initiated by a political movement where thousands of Cubans sought refuge at the Peruvian embassy. At six-years-old, Janet Diaz-Bonilla, alongside her parents, embarked on a journey from Mariel, Cuba to Key West, Florida, only to be transferred upon arrival to a holding camp for 53 days before being awarded their freedom. Janet embarked on this journey to craft La Marielta Rum to honor and celebrate hard work, dedication to family, and gratitude for freedom.

La Marielita Rum is now available at select retailers in Florida, California, and New York and nationwide at for $59.99.