Legier Elected NCSLA President

Ernest P. Legier, Jr., was unanimously elected President by the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators' Executive Committee. 

“NCSLA is celebrating 90 years of uniting alcohol regulators and industry professionals who are committed to educating themselves on related issues and building relationships which support a healthy and safe market.  I am extremely excited and humbled to take over leadership as we work to secure the future of our organization while we face some unique challenges,” Legier said. 

The officer vacancy was a result of Travis Hill’s resignation as NCSLA President due to the end of his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the Virginia ABC Authority. 

Ernest Legier has served as Commissioner for Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control since June 2020.  He previously served as the agency’s Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel.  He holds a BA and MBA from the University of New Orleans and a JD from Loyola University School of Law.

Additional Executive Committee changes occurred with Hill’s resignation as president.  In accordance with NCSLA Bylaws, the following officers accepted ascension to the vacant office for the remainder of this term (June 30, 2024): Ernest Legier (Louisiana) as President, Rebecca Smith (Washington) as 1st Vice President, Debbi Beavers (Kansas) as 2nd Vice President and Rodrigo Diaz (Pennsylvania) as 3rd Vice President.  With Diaz’s acceptance of the office of 3rd Vice President, Thomas Akras, Director, Legal and Legislative Division of the Maryland Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis Commission was named Northern Region Chairperson.