Lone River's New Ranch Rita Variety Pack Features Western Flavors

Lone River Beverage Co.'s new Ranch Rita Variety Pack expands beyond the brand's classic margarita-style Ranch Rita to include Mango Ranch Rita, Blood Orange Ranch Rita and Spicy Ranch Rita.

Lone River (Diageo) is the leading Ranch Water brand and also a Top Ten leader within the Hard Seltzer segment nationwide, according to Nielsen. Lone River Ranch Rita Variety Pack is available in 12-packs of 12 oz cans and best enjoyed chilled from the can and dressed with lime and salt.

"We're all about being true to our roots, so it made sense to explore all the different ways to bring two iconic Texas offerings together," says Katie Beal Brown, founder & CEO of Lone River Beverage Co. "We're so excited to build on the positive response we've had with our Ranch Rita Classic Margarita and go a step further to give folks a full range of flavors they can sip on year-round."

The release of the Ranch Rita Variety Pack follows the April 2022 launch of the Lone River Ranch Rita Classic Margarita. The newest addition to the Lone River portfolio first hit shelves in Texas, and continues to roll out nationwide, joining the full portfolio at major retailers.

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