Loverboy's New RtDs: Spritz Variety Pack, Black Cherry Vanilla 6-Pack

Loverboy said it added a Spritz Variety 8-Pack and Black Cherry Vanilla Sparkling Hard Tea 6-Pack to its lineup of premium sparkling hard teas, spritzes and canned cocktails.

Stemming from exceptional DTC sales and urging requests from their ultra-dedicated fanbase, following are more details on the new, premium offerings:

· Spritz Variety Pack: The first eight-can Spritz variety pack brings three of the brand’s iconic spritz flavors – Passion Fruit, Blueberry Lemon and Mango Peach – together with newer Pear Kiwi that fans couldn’t get enough of after launching in Spring 2024. The pack’s new design is a can’t-miss on shelf, Loverboy says, doubling as POS for retail partners and fans looking for ‘premium’ from start to finish.

· Black Cherry Vanilla Sparkling Hard Tea 6-Pack: Not just another black cherry seltzer, this new, dedicated 6-pack uniquely yields a cherry cola-esque flavor for an irresistibly rich and smooth hard tea. Originally a hard tea variety pack exclusive, the flavor is now available in a single flavor pack at the request of Loverboy’s ultra-dedicated fanbase who ranked the flavor first among other fan-favorite Loverboy hard tea flavors.

“We tap our DTC channel to bring new flavors to market without wholesale and retail buy-in so we can rapidly test our innovation instincts, collect feedback, and gain traction with fans. Pear Kiwi went online this spring, and our customers made it clear that they wanted more – and the sooner the better – so, we included it in a variety pack with three other proven flavors and made it available at retail, ASAP,” says Kyle Cooke, Loverboy’s CEO/founder. “It’s standout new packaging doubles as POS for our retail partners and says ‘premium’ from start to finish.”

The new Spritz Variety Pack and limited-edition Black Cherry Vanilla Tea 6-Pack can be found nationwide at Loverboy retailers like Total Wine.

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