Marianne Eaves Joins Gaming Legend to Release New Bourbon

Marianne Eaves, the first woman to bear the title Master Distiller, has joined with Guy Beahm, the man behind gaming legend Dr DisRespect, to launch Black Steel Bourbon, a premium Kentucky bourbon.

At launch, they said they believed bourbon was missing the mark with a younger and different audience than the bourbon category is used to and that there's a need for a new vibrancy in the category. They were right.

"There's been a resurgence of whiskey drinkers in the last 5 years and a growing number, myself included, that aren't particularly represented by what's out there. They understand and demand top quality, but they also don't need to be fed sepia-tinted wheat field photography to see that quality. That's been done - and being done. But bourbon shouldn't be that boring - it's bourbon." said Beahm.

After Dr DisRespect introduced the brand on social, a frenzy of traffic crashed the Black Steel Spirits website and sold thousands of bottles in mere minutes. In just 45 minutes from launch, all stock from their website, ReserveBar and Minibar Delivery were completely sold through. Requests for bottles remained so strong through the evening that Guy Beahm announced in a gaming stream last Friday that he was releasing to fans his personal stash of bottles that he had intended to reserve for gifts. Those then, too, sold out in minutes.