McBride Sisters Refreshes She Can Wines and Spritzers

McBride Sisters Wine Co. (MSWC), North America's largest Black-and-women-founded wine business, unveils its enhanced collection of SHE CAN Wines and spritzers. SRP: $17.99 for a 4 pack, $$4.99 for a single can.

These redesigned cans shimmer with vibrant colors and echo the brand's mantra: "SHE CAN have experimentation and empowerment on her own terms." As for taste, the collection offers four bold flavors – Dry Rosé, Crisp White, Berry Spritz, and Tropical Spritz – that reflect the quality and differentiation for which all McBride Sisters wines are known. Consumers will enjoy these calorie conscious, vegan-friendly sips, which are Carbon Neutral Certified and made without artificial ingredients, from a selection of California's finest grapes.

The SHE CAN Wines initiative pours support into the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Fund, the company's burgeoning 501(c)3, which empowers women in male-dominated industries through career-advancing scholarships, mentorships, and community-building.

"We've always been more than just a wine company," adds Robin McBride, Cofounder and President, McBride Sisters Wine Company. "With SHE CAN, we're molding an experience tailored to dynamic consumers, ensuring that each can, each flavor, and each consumption moment welcomes those new to wine, drives positive change and resonates with consumers today and in the future."

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