Milam & Greene

Milam & Greene Whiskey, Blanco, Tex., said it was releasing Very Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Batch 1. (SRP: $69.;99) This whiskey marks several company milestones including the introduction of the first bourbon distilled by Milam & Greene in Kentucky, the first whiskey to be finished with French oak staves, the first addition to the Milam & Greene core portfolio in over two years, and the first whiskey to be awarded a Gold Medal at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition before it was even launched.

To create the inaugural batch of Milam & Greene Very Small Batch Bourbon, master blender Heather Greene harvested 75 bourbon barrels. These barrels are a combination of bourbon distilled by master distiller Marlene Holmes in Kentucky using the proprietary Milam & Greene mash bill and barrels of Tennessee bourbon. The barrel recipe for Batch 1 is 20% of the precious Kentucky barrels and 80% Tennessee barrels. The barrels are divided into smaller batches to marry in 1,000-gallon vatting tanks before finishing.

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