Miller Family Launches Organic Wine

Miller Family Wine Co. said it launched  Reciprocity, an organic wine brand featuring a collection of wines exclusively sourced from the organic and sustainably-farmed French Camp Vineyard in Paso Robles. SRP: $20.

Named for the reciprocal relationship between farmers and the land, Reciprocity offers both Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, each crafted from 100% organic grapes from the Miller family's French Camp Vineyard.

Located in the celebrated Paso Robles Highlands District AVA, recognized as the highest elevation AVA in Paso Robles, French Camp Vineyard was planted in 1973 by the Millers, who purchased the land in 1969. Today, the 1,500-acre CSWA Certified Sustainable vineyard is home to some of the most expansive CCOF Certified Organic vineyard acreage on the Central Coast.

"Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our farming practices and a commitment to sustainability is a core company and family value, so it was important to us that we create a brand that represents the concepts of organic and sustainable grape growing," says Nicholas Miller, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

"As sustainability and eco-friendliness have largely become consumer expectations, we've also seen a significant uptick in consumers' preference for organic products whenever possible, including in the alcoholic beverage space," adds Tommy Gaeta, Senior Director of Marketing. "More people are paying attention to not just how a wine tastes, but also how it's farmed, how it's made and how the entire process affects the environment in the long run. Not only do Reciprocity wines come from our Certified Organic and Certified Sustainable vineyard, but we also strive to source sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials as much as possible. Guided by the motto of 'receive and replenish,' Reciprocity's great tasting wines made from organic grapes are truly crafted with the conscious consumer in mind."

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Jamie Larson