Napa Valley Vintners Gives $2.1 Million for Wildfire Resiliency

Money will be used to:

  • Re-establish or create up to 100 miles of strategic fire roads and fire breaks throughout the county
  • Establish up to 300 acres of native habitat to reduce wildfire risk and maximize ecological benefits
  • Provide resources and education for 400 landowners and residents on forest health and wildfire resilience

Addressing the issue of wildfires in Napa County is a top priority and I am pleased that, as a community, we have taken positive steps towards making Napa County more fire resilient over the last couple of years. This grant by the NVV will help us take another big step forward,” said Napa County Supervisor Anne Cottrell.

Fire roads included in the grant will provide critical access for firefighters in the event of another wildfire, and will also act as fire breaks to reduce or halt the spread of wildfires, Napa Valley Vintners said. The effectiveness of the fire roads will be further reinforced by planting wildfire resilient buffers. This work will help reduce dozer line maintenance, control erosion, provide wildlife habitat and improve wildfire resilience.

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