Narragansett Leads Efforts to Save Anchor Brewing

Two days after Benjamin Bosis started a petition on to support creating a fund or finding a buyer so Anchor Brewing Co. can separate from Sapporo and operate independently, Narragansett Beer did the same thing.

The Narragansett petition notes that "18 years ago, our community rallied together and provided unwavering support to resurrect our beloved company. Today, we are calling upon all craft beer enthusiasts and supporters to do the same for a fellow pioneer in the industry, Anchor Brewing Co.  

"This petition is personal to us because we understand firsthand the challenges faced by small businesses in the craft beer industry. Just like Anchor Brewing Company, our own brewery was on the brink of closure in the 1990's and ultimately faced a demise until 2005. It was through the incredible support of our community that we were able to rise again and continue brewing exceptional beers that bring joy and camaraderie to all who consume," Narragansett says.

Benjamin Bosis's petition seeks support creating a fund or finding a buyer.

Comment: Talk is cheap.  If Anchor is to be saved, it's going to take money and lots of it. On Monday (7/17), Eric Gunn, of Cutters Creek, N.C., posted a fund raising appeal on GoFundMe. com to save Anchor Brewing.  Gunn is seeking to raise $20 million. Greg Pilkington, Indian Lake Estates, Fla., is also on  He's seeking just $5 million to save Anchor Brewing. In four days, he has raised $0.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that three San Francisco residents want to bring Anchor back from the brink of death once more. Mike Walsh is one. He told the Chronicle he has lived two blocks from the brewery for 30 years and said he was "bummed" when Sapporo bought Anchor in 2017.  A serial investor who has helped finance more than 200 companies, Walsh says: "I definitely have enough interest and access to capital to put in a competitive offer so we could buy it."

Walsh has started a website,, at which people can express interest. Over the weekend, he says, 15 people made inquiries about investing. He's connected with Narragansett Brewing, which was at the point of failure when its owners bought it in 2005. He'll probably do a crowdfunding component that would allow Anchor fans to invest perhaps $1, 000.

Kyle Whithycombe  and Steve Matthews are the other two.  Thus far, only Walsh has taken positive action to buy Anchor. All three, however, agree on one thing: the product line needs to be simplified around Anchors core trademark products, like Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale and Christmas Ale. They also would restrict distribution outside the San Francisco and greater Bay Area.

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