Nomadica Unveils a Canned Orange Wine

With the global orange wine market on track to grow nearly $27 million to and up to $67 million within the next ten years, Nomadica, the Los Angeles-based, female-founded, and sommelier-owned wine brand, thinks it has a winner on its hands with the launch of its latest creation: Orange.

Nomadica's Orange is a skin contact white wine, meaning the skin of the grapes remain in contact with their juice during the fermentation process. The result is a captivating blend of Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, and Albariño grapes, which showcase a medley of tropical notes, including pineapple and jackfruit, complemented by the delicate fragrances of orange blossom and dried chamomile flowers.

Orange’s can features the stunning artwork titled "Plant Melody" by the acclaimed visual artist Yadi Liu. The label's vibrant imagery harmonizes perfectly with the wine's bold flavors and is a testament to Nomadica's commitment to marrying the work of talented artists with exceptional winemaking, as seen in their entire canon of canned expressions.

Sundance award-winning director, actress, producer, and now, a Nomadica creative advisor Lake Bell wrote, directed, and produced the brand’s very first major creative campaign based on the interpretation of “skin contact," nodding to both the winemaking process for orange wine and the physical connection between two people. In the campaign, which includes both video and stills, Bell worked with Creative Director, Aiden Duffy, to cast inclusive couples spanning race, age, and gender in three different, intimate vignettes that embody the term "skin contact" between the varied duos on screen.

Skin-contact Orange is available in a 4-pack (equivalent to 1.5 bottles of wine). It is available for purchase online at (shipping to 46 states), and is sold for $23.99 at Whole Foods locations in California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, New York and New Jersey as well as in select retail stores across the country.