Non-Al Red Blend from Surely Now Available

Surely introduces the latest addition to its award-winning portfolio of non-alcoholic wines - a Non-Alcoholic Red Blend made to redefine the category. Far from a flat, boring and watery non-alcoholic replacement, Surely’s Red Blend is layered, bold and complex enough to appeal to the most dedicated and discerning wine lover.

“Since launching the company, we’ve wanted to create a non-alcoholic red wine to savor on its own or enjoy with a meal - arguably one of the most difficult products to create in an authentic way that maintains its character without the alcohol,” says Surely Founder & CEO Ryan Hanson. “The overwhelming feedback we’ve heard about other non-alcoholic red wines is that they just taste like grape juice, so we wanted to create the complete opposite.”

The Non-Alcoholic Red Blend mixes a foundation of dealcoholized wine with a proprietary blend of organic teas, botanicals and other natural ingredients to recreate the flavors and textures of a traditional wine drinking experience, without the alcohol. The liquid combines viticulture expertise from Winemaker Jess Smith with Craft Beverage Developer Michael Colangelo’s background in organic and flavor chemistry, merging the arts of winemaking and mixology.

Surely launched in late 2020, bringing to life a mission of offering non-alcoholic products that inspire inclusive social environments and create the emotional ritual of enjoying a glass of wine. The company offers a range of sparkling and still non-alcoholic wines by the can and bottle.

In celebration of the latest launch, Surely has rolled out an offer of corkage fee reimbursement and a 20% coupon code towards their next purchase for anyone who brings their own Red Blend to dinner and shares on social media now through November 1st. Participants will just need to tag @drinksurely and email with a receipt, link to the social post and Venmo handle. To learn more about the new product visit, and click here to purchase a bottle ($26.99 / 750ml).

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