Ohio Wineries Generate $544.5 Million in Economic Output

Ohio's 323 wineries employ 1,636 employees, pay more than $49.9 million in wages and benefits and generate $544.5 million in economic activity across the state, a new study says.

Of Ohio's 323 wineries, 179 are standalone wineries while 144 are wineries with vineyard operations, the study, by John Dunham & Associates for the Ohio Grape Industries Committee says.

In 2016, there were 265 wineries, so the number of wineries in Ohio has grown about 22%.  In 2016 the average Ohio wineries had about four employees.  The latest study finds that has increased to five employees, "suggesting that many of the new and expanding wineries in Ohio are larger operations, producing more wine and hiring
more workers."

A WineAmerica Economic Impact Study ranked Ohio as he seventh largest wine producing state, with more than $503 in economic output.

Ohio also has 160 vineyard which generate about $9.6 million in economic activity.