Orphan Barrel Intros 1st Rye Offering

Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. (Diageo) introduced Scarlet Shade, the brand's first rye release.  SRP: $199.99.

Scarlet Shade crossed state lines from Indiana into Kentucky to age in new barrels of white oak for 14 years, ruminating on its forebears' pre-Prohibition glory days. Now, as Rye whiskey undergoes a great resurgence, Scarlet Shade rises aglow, ready to make history.

Tasting notes: Sweet vanilla butter cream and lightly toasted oak aromas, tasting of warm baking spices, rye toast and orchard fruits, before warming into sweet orange marmalade and lingering as a dark chocolate finish. At 90 proof (45%), Rye fans can best enjoy Orphan Barrel Scarlet Shade neat or on the rocks.

The vibrant label design pays homage to the history of Scarlet Shade. In the center, the cardinal – state bird of Indiana and Kentucky – is surrounded by Indiana's state flower, the peony, and perched on a skull to honor lost loved ones. With its flash tattoo-style label, Scarlet Shade serves as a reminder to all who cross its path that the best whiskey memories last forever, the company says.

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