Patron Sporting New Additive-Free Seal

The Tequila Regulatory Council has certified Patron Tequila's status as an Additive Free tequila, and Patron's packaging will feature a new seal certifying it is free of additives.

As tequila has become more popular, tequila producers have been under intense pressure to make more tequila, faster.  As long as any additives are less than 1% of the product's total volume, there isn't any requirement to let consumers know if additives have been added to enhance flavor and color.

PATRÓN is one of the few brands that still makes tequila the hard way: by hand, with only three natural ingredients and nothing else added — no added sugars or chemical ingredients. As such, PATRÓN created this new seal for packaging providing tequila drinkers with the security and knowledge that their spirit of choice is 100% additive free

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