Pronghorn Makes 3rd Round Investments in Black-owned Spirits Firms

Pronghorn announced four additional angel investments in Black-owned spirits companies –  Greenwood Whiskey, Red Hazel Whiskey, TCapri Tequila, IslandJon Vodka.

  • Greenwood Whiskey honors the Historic Greenwood District neighborhood in Tulsa, Okla., which saw the growth of 600 African American owned businesses - the largest concentration in the US in 1921. Greenwood Whiskey commemorates Black Wall Street's pillars of community, entrepreneurship, and excellence.
  • Red Hazel Whiskey is a rye whiskey brand founded in 2020 by TK Burtin-Johnson, a Black female entrepreneur, and her brother Ty Burtin. Red Hazel Whiskey now delivers to 20+ states.
  • TCapri Tequila was founded by Tiffany Capri Hainesworth, the first Black woman to solely own a tequila company. TCapri offers an Ultra Premium, award-winning blanco and reposado tequila produced in small batches by a family-owned, artisan distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, one of few distilleries where the tequila is grown, processed and bottled at the source.
  • IslandJon Vodka is founded by a father-son team, Levi and Kevin John. Inspired by the duo's deep Caribbean roots, the vodka brand celebrates legacy, heritage, and the soothing warmth of the island's landscape.