Rombauer Vineyards Adds Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir

For the first time, Rombauer Vineyards is offering a Pinot Noir, the 2021 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir (SRP $65).

This is the first portfolio expansion since the iconic Chardonnay producer added Sauvignon Blanc in 2014. Rombauer Pinot Noir will be available for purchase online beginning March 31.

“For many years, our customers have encouraged us to produce a Pinot Noir, and we love the varietal ourselves,” said Bob Knebel, president/CEO. “With so many beautiful regions to source from, we took our time to decide where the best fruit was grown to produce the style of wine our customers enjoy. We ultimately selected the exceptional Santa Lucia Highlands, and we are delighted to present our inaugural vintage to the world.”

Rombauer partnered with renowned Pinot Noir winemaker Adam Lee, who also helped source wine grapes of the highest quality from this extraordinary Pinot Noir growing region.

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