Ron del Barrillito Returns to Wood-and-Cork Closures

Premium Puerto Rican sipping rum brand celebrates nearly 150-year past by enhancing brand future with new tops on their 2 Star and 3 Star rum bottles.

Ron del Barrilito, a Puerto Rican sippin rum brand, is introducing a new cork bar-top packaging on their 2 Star and 3 Star bottles.  It's a return to the brand's roots.  In the 19th century, Ron del Barrilito used cork closures, so this move brings the brand back to its original cork and wood top closure, while preserving the look and feel of the premium and recognizable bottles.

Ron del Barrilito is the only brand that has been aging rum for 142 years. "Ours is an iconic brand that prides itself on its heritage and most importantly, its rum," said Maggie Matias, Chief Commercial Executive at Ron del Barrilito. "Never has Ron del Barrilito been recognized because of a fancy bottle, elegant shape, closure or elaborate packaging. It has always been and will continue to be about the super-premium rum that is inside of the bottle, utilizing our artisanal methods that haven't changed in nearly 150 years."

Aesthetically, the main label on the front will remain unchanged, to respect the original label that has been in place since 1880. The changes come in the addition of a neck label, reinforcing the iconic images of the brand through the Ron del Barrilito Nymph logo and the founder's initials, P.F., along with the new closure being a wooden top with a synthetic cork underneath to seal the bottle. Atop the wooden closure, an engraving that reads "Est. 1880" is also added to the new bottles, with the cork top allowing for easier pouring with its rounded lip.

Currently, Ron del Barrilito is distributed in 30 states. So far, distribution of the new cork finish bottles is well underway in the brand's native Puerto Rico and has commenced in Europe. In the United States, the bottles are currently on liquor store shelves and in bars and restaurants throughout most key markets, with full distribution expected to be complete by the end of September.