Sam Adams 'Cleans Up' Boston Lager

Boston Beer Co. is introducing Samuel Adams Boston Lager Remastered.  The brew will be in the starting lineup for the Big Game with a new TV commercial that reimagines everything a little brighter – from the beer itself to the brewer's hometown of Boston.

The recipe hasn't changed. Boston Lager Remastered still uses Founder and Brewer Jim Koch's great-great grandfather's mid-19th century original recipe and has evolved the brewing process to reduce filtration by adding a traditional German practice of biological acidification, resulting in a brighter, easier-drinking beer.

"We like to say we know there's a perfect Boston Lager out there … we just haven't made it yet," said Koch. "With Remastered, we're one step closer to perfection. We cleaned up the brewing process to create an easier-drinking profile, giving it an extra sparkle that drinkers will savor. Any time you crack open a Boston Lager you know you're going to enjoy a rich, full-flavored beer. When you first crack open a Boston Lager Remastered, you might say, 'this is the best Boston Lager I've ever had.'"

Since it was first brewed nearly 40 years ago, Samuel Adams Boston Lager has used the world's finest hand-selected ingredients to create a perfectly balanced and complex brew – and that has never changed. To this day, Koch still tastes each batch of Boston Lager to ensure it reaches the brand's high-quality standards.

Dreaming of a Brighter Boston
To support the launch of Boston Lager Remastered, Boston Beer will run a commercial in the Big Game titled "A Brighter Boston," featuring Boston Lager Remastered alongside everyone's favorite drinking buddy, Your Cousin From Boston.

A tongue-in-cheek love letter to Boston Lager's hometown, the spot pays homage to all the quirks that make the city of Boston and its people unique. Featuring celebrity cameos from beloved comedian Lenny Clarke and retired Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett – plus dozens of "Easter eggs" – the spot portrays a dream sequence of humorous vignettes that flip typical Boston tropes on their head. The spot was filmed across multiple locations in Boston including South Boston and Downtown Boston, with a predominately Boston-based cast and crew.

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