Scheid Family Wines Only Calif. Bev/Al Firm to Achieve Key Food Safety Certification

Scheid Family Wines recently passed the BRC Global Food Safety Standard recertification audit, making it the only alcohol beverage-producing company in California to hold this prestigious certification. The unannounced BRCGS recertification audit occurs annually and Scheid received an outstanding grade of A+.

The BRCGS certification reflects Scheid's unwavering commitment to the highest level of food safety and quality standards in the industry using proven and consistent processes, technology, and employee training.

The BRC Global Food Safety Standard has long been recognized worldwide as a rigorous and comprehensive food safety certification for food and beverage companies. Scheid has been continuously BRC certified with grades of A or higher since 2016 and continues to be a trailblazer in ensuring food safety and quality, setting a new benchmark in the California wine industry, and further establishing its position as an industry leader.

"Receiving the BRC Global Food Safety Standard certification with an A+ grade is a significant achievement for our company," says Heidi Scheid, EVP of Scheid Family Wines. "The audit is unannounced, with literally a moment's notice given as the auditor arrived in our parking lot, but we were ready as we are every single day. The rigorous nature of BRCGS certification keeps us at the top of our game and we are incredibly proud of our team's unwavering commitment to producing the highest-quality wines while adhering to the most stringent food safety standards. This certification reinforces our promise to our consumers, customers, retailers, distributors, and winery partners."

In addition to being BRCGS certified, the company's vineyards and its winery are sustainably certified, over 600 acres of its vineyards are organically certified, and, perhaps most notably, its entire winery and bottling operation is 100% powered by renewable wind energy.

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