BREAKING: Silicon Valley Bank Up for Sale

SVB Financial, parent of Silicon Valley Bank, best known in the bev/al industry for its Wine Division's annual survey of the wine industry, is seeking a buyer.

The bank is also a primary lender to the tech industry, and has faced what amounts to a run on the bank --widespread customer withdrawals that raised questions about its ability to stay in business.  The bank share's shares fell 68% since Thursday before trading was halted.

SVB Financial then scrapped a plan to sell $2.25 billion of shares and other securities and to seek a buyer.  That buyer could be a larger financial institution – think a JP Morgan Chase or Bank of America, for instance – or a stake to a large investor.

The impact of a sale on the bank's Wine Division and its annual Wine Survey cannot be determined at this time.  

If a sale is not completed, it is possible the government may have to come to the bank's rescue.