Silver Star Spirits Reveals New Branding

Trinity River Distillery updated branding for its Silver Star brands of Vodka, Whiskey, Texas Honey Liqueur and Bourbon, tieing in key elements of Trinity River's Rainwater Proofing Process which has these elements:

  • All Silver Star spirits are made with purified Texas rainwater that is collected on the roof and transferred to 10,000-gallon storage tanks.
  • A Modern feel: While deeply rooted in history, Silver Star is a contemporary brand with a modern understanding of distilling and culture.
  • Hometown Pride:  Rooted in Fort Worth, all of Silver Star's crops and ingredients (from Texas rain to Texas grain and North Texas wildflower honey) as well as bottling and labelling happen in its hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. "Silver Star is "where the west begins", and the new branding highlights this," states Trinity River Distillery President/CEO Thomas Ingham. "We are proud of the evolution of our brand and proud to honor where we come from."