Simply Spiked Lemonade Exceeds Expectations: Molson Coors

Simply Spiked Lemonade, which Molson Coors Beverage Co. launched in May, has sold more than 1 million cases , according to IRI data. Simply Spiked is IRI’s top new item in terms of velocity and No. 2 in sales dollars for the four weeks that ended Aug. 28. It’s secured more than 80,000 placements across the country, and Molson Coors Beverage Co.  tapped two new production facilities to meet demand.

“Simply Spiked Lemonade is the biggest innovation launch we’ve had in the last five years, and it just keeps growing,” says Josh McDonald, Molson Coors senior marketing manager for above premium flavor and FMBs.

While it’s proven to be a reliable seller, Simply Spiked is also bringing new drinkers into the FAB segment, McDonald says. “More than 40% of sales are incremental, so we know we’re recruiting new drinkers and building baskets, as opposed to shifting volume,” he says.

Simply Spiked Lemonade is a result of a partnership between Molson Coors and Coca-Cola Co., which owns the Simply trademark.

“We’ve doubled our Year One forecast and we’re shooting for the stars in 2023,” he says. “I don’t think there’s any limit to how big Simply Spiked can be.”