Southern Comfort Launches Limited-Edition Drinking Pants

The drinking pants are an ode to the brand's new creative campaign, "So Tasteful.

"The pandemic changed nearly everything about daily life, including making comfy-casual attire not only acceptable – but tasteful," said, Sara Saunders, vp-global marketing for Sazerac.  "Southern Comfort wants to lead the way on tasteful choices so we conducted a host of detailed market research and that led us to an important conclusion: pants today are missing a few crucial elements that would improve lives everywhere, a key one being a shot glass pocket."

Based on this dire consumer need, Southern Comfort added not one, but two important features to traditional lounge pants: 1. a perfectly sized SoCo shot glass pocket so holiday revelers can easily take the SoCo festivities with them wherever they go, and 2. a reversible, all black "fancy pants" option for tasteful partygoers not averse to wearing the same pants two days in a row. When reversed, fancy Drinking Pants can be worn to a formal family Thanksgiving Day dinner to impress even the most critical of relatives. Also included is a drawstring waistband that is fully adjustable to accommodate multiple rounds of turkey … and SoCo.

Drinking Pants are priced at $11.23 to mark Thanksgiving Eve 2022 and will be available for sale via from Nov. 14 (8 a.m. EST) to Nov.  21 (or as supplies last.

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