Southern Glazer's Taps Guest-Ordering POS App for On-Premise Clients

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits has selected Union as a preferred technology partner in an effort to help SGWS's bar and restaurant customers rebound from the financial burdens of the pandemic and face massive staffing shortages among increasing guest demand.

How Union Works:  Guests self-order and pay.  Use of the app is initiated via a QR code.  According to Union, accounts see an average of 28% higher sales and tips, current staff can cover three times as many tables, menus can be updated instantly, labor costs are reduced 10%, and drinks orders are filled in six minutes or less.

According to research from the National Restaurant Association, the hospitality industry is still down 750,000 jobs — roughly 6.1% of its workforce — from pre-pandemic levels, as of May 2022. The lack of staff has  hurt venue review ratings. According to Yelp, in the first quarter of 2022, their users mentioned short staffing in their reviews three times more often than in previous time periods.

"Staffing issues have impacted sales for many bars and restaurants nationwide and as such our alcohol suppliers are also impacted; we believe that Union's engagement platform is the perfect solution to help our customers to combat the staffing crisis while increasing sales and improving the customer experience," stated David Chaplin, Chief Growth Officer at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits.

"Union's sophisticated tool kit not only gives bars and restaurants the ability to deliver great service and improve operations, but also the platform's unique data capabilities arm our alcohol supplier partners with unprecedented insights and breakthrough opportunities for their products," he added.