St. George Spirits Marks 40th Anniversary

The pioneering American craft distillery released the 40th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Whiskey.  Over 600 casks were sampled,  but only 14 selected for the whiskey.  The barrels ranged from four years old to one of the oldest casks.  The result: Only 1,982 bottles were produced, the number representing the year the distillery opened.  

To further mark 40 years in business, the distillery will donate $40,000 to the StepUp Foundation, which seeks to provide undersserved individuals with opportunities, training and mentorship to enter the spirits industry.

St. George Spirits 40th Anniversary Edition Single Malt Whiskey ($500; 48% ABV) is expected to start reaching fine spirits retailers in early November, although rollout timing will vary from market to market. It can also be purchased in-person at the distillery during a special release event November 12—quantities are very limited. For additional information, visit

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