Star Hill Farm, Home of Maker's Mark, Awarded Regenified Certification

Regenified, the leading regenerative agricultural certification and supply chain-solution company, today announced that it has awarded Regenified Certification to Star Hill Farm, the home of Maker's Mark Distillery in Loretto, Ky. Star Hill Farm is the first farm in Kentucky and home to the first distillery in the world to receive recognition from Regenified for proven and evident progress in regenerative agriculture. With this certification, the brand advances on its long-term mission to cultivate bourbon that betters the world, while crafting the most flavorful product possible.

"We are incredibly proud to be the first farm in Kentucky and the first distillery in the world to achieve certification from Regenified," said Rob Samuels, 8th generation whisky maker and grandson of the founders at Maker's Mark.

"Our ambition to act as a force for good in all that we do includes our commitment to being good stewards of the land and our soil at the homeplace of Maker's Mark. After all, bourbon is nature, distilled. We know a commitment to the quality of our ingredients through regenerative agriculture can lead to a future where whisky is not only more sustainable, but markedly more flavorful as well."