Sunshine Punch Debuts

Forgive me, but the perfect (and obvious) jingle and tagline for Sunshine Punch, which debuted this week is the 1960s-era hit: "Let the Sunshine In."

Sunshine Punch is a new ready-to-drink cocktail made from orange, creme, rum and vodka.

Beyond the bottle, Sunshine Punch is rooted in friendship. What began as the go-to-drink of their campfire jam sessions in North Carolina went through years of taste testing among friends to get the flavor profile just right. Founders Brian Thomason and Matt Hemmings are lifelong friends who bonded over a shared interest in creative pursuits, adventures and a love of music. Inspired by sound and sun, the former classmates teamed up with a band of friends to develop a unique drink designed to be savored wherever you find your sunshine. Today, Sunshine Punch is proudly blended and bottled in their home state of North Carolina and aims to bring you back to those same, sweet summer memories we all share.

Sunshine Punch is available for $29.99/750 ml bottles across the sunbel from North Carolina to Texas. Additional states will debut later this year.

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