Sunstone Winery Launches a Sparkling Cannabis Beverage

Sunstone Estate said it is the first wine brand to offer a cannabis beverage, the Sunstone Spritz.  Sold exclusively direct-to-consumer, Sunstone Spritz sparkling beverage is made from natural juice flavors and single-origin, full-spectrum, sun-grown cannabis rosin from Santa Barbara County.  

Sunstone Spritz offers 5 milligrams of activated THC and is available in 4 flagship flavors:  Grapefruit Orange, Peach-Passion Fruit, Pineapple Coconut, and Watermelon.

Additionally, Sunstone launched a related beverage additive product, Sunstone Splash.  The Sunstone Splash is a water-soluble, full spectrum rosin-based emulsion that can be added to any beverage for an enhanced experience.

"Our 30-years established brand and audience provides a unique opportunity to bring mainstream the therapeutic health and wellness benefits of cannabis," says Sunstone CEO, Djamila Cabugos.  "Our new Sunstone beverage line provides access to these benefits in a relatable way to consumers who value superior quality and single-origin craft, reflective of regionally-specific terroir.  Most importantly, we are committed to doing so in a way that respects the health of our community and environment."

Via technology partnership with SplashNano, the new Sunstone cannabis products employ a proprietary InfusedBySplash™ formula.  The SplashNano technology is characterized by cutting-edge nanoemulsions which reduce particle size to submicron rating, allowing for both beverage infusion and fast-acting consumption effects.

"As a product formulator and technology entrepreneur, it was a dream to craft the science and product lineup for Sunstone," says Kalon Baird, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of SplashNano.  "Sunstone's captive audience of wine connoisseurs is the perfect demographic to appreciate the nuances of the cannabis plant and culture.  Offering the Sunstone Spritz to the wine community will contribute to the rapid adoption of cannabis-infused beverages as a historical precedent."

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