SunTan Brewing Debuts 3 New Beers

SanTan Brewing Company has launched two new craft beers, with a third on its way, as part of its “Jack” series of beverages to start the new year. The new additions to the “Jack” family are:

·       JungleJack Tropical Hazy IPA (5.7 percent alcohol by volume): Tropical pineapple and banana flavors burst out of a sea of sweet oranges as this sessionable Hazy IPA.

SuperJack Imperial Hazy IPA (9.1 ABV): This supped-up version of our classic JuicyJack brew features fruity aromas with a hazy sweet tropical fruit finish. Flavors include a body built by Mosaic and Cashmere hops that explode with sweet orange and tangy citrus aromas.

And coming in February, Baja Salted Lime Lager.

They join SanTan favorite JuicyJack, a popular year-round IPA, and the new seasonal LumberJack Oatmeal Maple Amber to make up a new family of beers with a broad spectrum of fun and foodie-inspired flavor.

“We wanted to create a series of beers that has a common, approachable quality but can be enjoyed in different settings and different times of year,” said Anthony Canecchia, founder + brewmaster of SanTan Brewing Co. and SanTan Spirits. “JuicyJack is our most popular craft beer, and we believe the other newer members of the Jack family will be a great complement to it as we continue to brew beers with Uncommon Quality for Everyday Occasions.”