SVB Extends Annual Survey

Silicon Valley Bank extended the deadline for participating in its annual Wine Industry Survey for three more days to Oct. 19.  

In announcing the extension, Rob McMillan, said the bank is about 10% short of he responses needed to produce good results.  He noted the survey has been conducted for 20 years, and the bank has never used the email addresses for marketing nor has it charged for the survey.  Producing the survey, which is available to the industry for free, "costs us in the low six figures," he said.  

He's particularly looking for increased participation for Sonoma, Paso Robles, Washington, Lodi, Texas and Oregon.

Only survey participants will get detailed benchmarks, the full chart deck, and the complete set of the anonymized detailed results. That information can't be purchased.

The gratis deck released to the full industry is used by AVAs to obtain grants, by universities in their entrepreneur and enology courses, by wineries in their strategic planning, and by investors.

Here is a link to the questions and here is a link to the survey.