Swiftly Offers Alcohol Cashback Program

Swiftly, a retail technology company launched its Alcohol Cashback Program. This new solution redefines the traditional rebate process, delivering consumers a streamlined digital experience including the ability to access rebates within hours via PayPal or Venmo. Boasting seamless integration with a retailers existing app or web solutions, Swiftly's Alcohol Cashback Program unlocks new lucrative opportunities for retailers to capture incremental sales and profits while more effectively competing on price.

According to a recent study from Swiftly, over 70% of consumers confirmed that they would be more inclined to shop with a retailer, or purchase from a brand that provides alcohol rebates. Additionally, almost half (49%) of those surveyed indicated that simplifying the process would increase rebate use. With a finger on the pulse of cultural spending habits across retail ecosystems, Swiftly's technology has the proven ability to enhance how brands interact with modern customers while meeting their evolving needs.