Switchback Intros 9.1% ABV Wai-iti Cat

Switchback Brewing Co., home to Vermont's best-selling craft beer, announces the latest in their DIPA Cat Series, Wai-iti Cat. It's 9.1% ABV.  

“While trekking in the mountains of New Zealand (Aotearoa) I met a wonderful group of intrepid women who hiked with me and taught me all about New Zealand fauna, some Māori language and culture, and their pride in the globally renowned hops grown near their hometown,” says Brewmaster Bill Cherry. “We stayed in touch after I returned and while sharing a photo they sent from the Wai-iti region with our Brewer Morgan, who spearheads our innovative DIPA Cat program, we discovered that Wai-iti is also the name of an intriguing New Zealand hop variety. From there, the concept of “Wai-iti Cat” was born.”

Wai-iti Cat’s label celebrates New Zealand’s classic rite of passage, bungee jumping. With the addition of a new Quadrel Techline high speed labeler the brewery now has the ability to create out-of-the-box labels that truly fit the personality of each DIPA Cat. A spot varnish finish on a matte base allows featured design elements to come alive as the can is rotated.