Tequila Avion

Tequila Avión is partnering with professional basketball player Nick Young and former football wide receiver Victor Cruz to show how the perfect pairing accessory and caddie wisdom make for an even greater game.

Dueling Caddie's Caddy Kits are curated to include golf course essentials along with signature cocktails inspired by the famous golf enthusiasts, featuring the ultra-premium Avión Range - Reserva 44 Extra Añejo and Reserva Cristalino.

"I may be a bucket on the court, but I've been working on my swing too. I'm excited to hit the course with my man Victor Cruz and sip on some of this Avión," said Nick Young. "While I do like to enjoy drinking Tequila Avión Reserva 44 straight on the rocks, I also wanted to create my own spin on the margarita that is Swaggy P approved."

The Caddie's Caddy kit features a 750ml bottle from Tequila Avión's Reserva Range, an original cocktail inspired by Young and Cruz respectively, a crystal decanter, and golf accessories including a bespoke leather nickel bag readied for the course with a ball marker, bar towel, and limited autographed collectible golf balls by the sports legends themselves. The kits are available for a limited time at sourcedcraftcocktails.com for an SRP of $230 each while supplies last.

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