Texans Overwhelmingly Back Fair Sales Policy for Ready-to-Drink Spirits

Some 75% of Texans support a proposal to change the law to let licensed retailers sell ready-to-drink spirit coolers at the same places as beer, wine and hard seltzers, with 70% feeling strongly enough about the issue to be willing to participate at the ballot box to ensure it happens, a just-released survey by Public Opinion Strategies found.

The study found Texans value choice and convenience and say laws need to keep up with new product development. Further, the vast majority of Texans surveyed said they favor less government regulation of businesses, which includes allowing individual licensed retailers to make their own decisions about products to stock to best serve their customers.

On this issue, more than 70% of Republicans, Democrats and Independents – including 71% of Christian Texas and 64% of self-identified  Evangelical Christians – support letting licensed retailers sell ready-to-drink coolers where beer and wine can be sold, the study says.

"The overwhelming support for allowing the sale of ready-to-drink spirit coolers in the same retail locations as beer and wine is reflected in this survey," Paul Hardin from the Texas Food & Fuel Association said. "Texans value convenience and choice, and they want their voices to be heard on this issue."