Tincup Refreshes Bottle Design, Offers Firewood from Barrel Staves

Tincup Refreshes Bottle Design, Offers Firewood from Barrel Staves
Credit: Tincup

Tincup 10 Year Bourbon – the brand’s oldest bourbon – is getting a refresh with a new bottle design. With “Tincup” and “10” now boldly showing up in amber over a black panel, etched with Rocky Mountain imagery, there’s no mistaking what awaits inside. Straight bourbon whiskey cut with Rocky Mountain water and aged for 10 years. Rested in white American oak barrels and bottled at an elevation of 5,251 ft.


As the new bottles roll out later this summer, Tincup Whiskey is bundling its 10 Year Bourbon with something else whiskey fans can light up about: limited-edition Tincup Bourbon Barrel Firewood. Crafted with staves of charred oak barrels that once aged signature Tincup Bourbon. As fire crackles, it offers notes of cinnamon, pine, honey, and freshly cut grass. Proceeds from the Tincup Bourbon Barrel Firewood will support Tincup’s annual donation to Leave No Trace.

 The Tincup Bourbon Barrel Firewood bundled with Tincup 10 Year Bourbon is now available for purchase at Tincupwhiskey.com for $150 – just in time for National Bourbon Day on June 14. The firewood is also available to purchase on its own for $92.

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