Total Wine Co-Founder David Trone Seeks Senate Seat

David Trone, currently a Maryland Congressman and a co-founder of Total Wine & More announced he will seek the Senate seat to be vacated by longtime Sen. Ben Cardin.  

He said all contestants for the seat "will be running as super progressive.  The difference is goingto be who can get stuff done and who can keep this seat Democrat?"  Maryland is overwhelmingly Democratic, which means whoever wins the primary is almost certain to win the general election.

Trone spent more than $12 million of his personal fortune to hold onto his seat in Western Maryland last year.  In the past, he has shrugged off accusations about "buying" a seat in Congress.  How much is he willing to spend to win (or buy, if you prefer) a seat in the Senate?  He said he will use a lot of resources to get his message out.  

When he's accused to buying a seat in Congress, he has a quick rejoinder:  Because he can self-fund a campaign, he doesn't have to take money from political action committees or lobbyists.

He's a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which means, he told The Washington Post, there's "a lot of people who want to write you checks — and we don’t take any of those checks. I think that lets our integrity shine through.”