TTB: You Can't Use Cannabidiol in Bev/Al

Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau reminded industry members that cannabidiol is not approved for use in alcohol beverages.  Formula applications for beveragew containing CBD will be returned for correction, the agency said.  

In 2019, TTB said it continued to follow the guidance from the Food & Drug Administration.  And FDA will not permit "hemp" products in food under the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act.

Comment:  We know Constellation Brands, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America and others can barely restrain themselves from jumping on the cannabis craze.  We would hope that a sense of public responsibility would deter them for getting high over, well, getting high.  But that's probably asking too much for a publicly-traded company or for a trade association who largest member publicly supports moving into cannabis.

We don't think that changes the fact that cannabis is bad for you.  As reported in The Wall Street Journal last week, cannabis has be linked to mental illness.  A major new student shows that people who abuse the drug are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. A Swedish study found heavy cannabis use was associated with a sixfold increase in the risk of schizophrenia.  Other studies since then have found links between heavy cannabis use and other psychological illnesses, includign clinical depression and bipolar disorder.  

The latest study, based on an examination of the medical records of all citizens of Denmark over 16, showed people previously diagnosed with cannabis use disorder – a condition in which one craves marijuana, uses it more often than intended, spends a lot of time using it and have it interfere with family, friends and work – were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression later.  

The same paper found that people with cannabis use disorder were four times as likely to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms, and the risk is higher in men than in women.  

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