Tulchan, a Gin from Scotland's Whisky Country

Tulchan Gin, a new ultra-premium ‘London Dry’ style Gin from one of Scotland's most prestigious estates in Speyside, tells a story that separates it from the rest. Speyside, arguably the most famous whisky-producing region, makes Tulchan a rare find - a Gin from Whisky country.

Tulchan Gin is a celebration of Scotland inspired by the beauty and flora from its home in Speyside. Residing in the estate for which it is named, the Tulchan estate extends 22,000 acres, 8 miles of which are the famous River Spey, embracing endless views and habitat.

A small batch run, handcrafted in copper pot stills with the precise weighing of botanicals ensures the perfect consistency, it's chill-filtered at precisely 4°C / 39.2°F for a smoother taste and bottled at a higher 45% ABV to guarantee the fresh botanical flavors.