U.S. Beer Industry Supports Nearly 2.4M Jobs, Is 1.6% of GNP

Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association's biennial "Beer Serves America" report on the economic impact and importance of the American beer industry also found the industry contributes more than $409 billion to the U.S. economy, pays more than $132 billion in wages and nearly $64 billion in taxes.

Since the last Beer Serves America report, the industry has expanded significantly, with an uptick of $78 billion in economic impact while adding nearly 400,000 new beer industry jobs across the country. The beer industry leads the rest of the alcohol industry in economic impact and job footprint, and beer remains America’s favorite alcohol beverage.

When it comes to jobs, the report shows the beer industry represents 78,000 manufacturing jobs, 137,000 distribution jobs, 52,000 agricultural jobs, 92,000 brewer and beer importer jobs and 980,000 retailer jobs. "Beer’s production and distribution linkages impact firms in 96% of the U.S. economy," the report by John Dunham & Associates says.

The report shows that beer "continues to be America’s favorite alcohol beverage because of its cultural heritage, its important place in our nation’s history and its unique ability to bring people together,” said Brian Crawford, president/CEO of the Beer Institute. “Americans have more options and ways to enjoy their favorite brews than ever because our $409 billion industry is competitive, vibrant, and a crucial part of the American economy.

"The tremendous growth we’ve seen since our last report is a true success story that underscores beer’s striking recovery coming out of the pandemic and showcases the resilience of our industry and the 2.4 million Americans it employs. The beer industry has always had a storied place in American culture and commerce, and as these new figures confirm, we have an incredibly bright future ahead of us,” Crawford said.

“This report demonstrates the incredible success of the beer industry, which provides good jobs and significant economic activity in communities across the country. It also gives us insight into how our industry is impacted by the current economic climate. We are proud that wages for beer and beverage distribution employees have kept up with inflation, providing quality jobs with excellent benefits," said Craig Purser, president/CEO, National Beer Wholesalers Association.

"Yet distributors still face significant labor challenges, from CDL drivers to workers to load trucks. And it underscores the continued importance of supporting independent local retailers, particularly with the growth of national retail chains,” Purser added. “So, as you’re enjoying your favorite beer or beverage this coming Memorial Day Weekend, raise a glass to the hardworking men and women of the beer industry – from brewers to distributors to retailers – who made it possible.”

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