Ketel One's New Ad Campaign

Ketel One Family Made Vodka introduces Born To Cocktail, a cinematic ad campaign inspired by its classic cocktail-driven legacy and all the moments in life elevated by a well-crafted cocktail. Directed by the prolific creator and filmmaker, Daniel Wolfe, the bold campaign launches a new global platform for the award-winning Dutch vodka brand, whose multigenerational heritage of distilling expertise, innovation, and commitment to elevating everyday drinks places it at the forefront of cocktail culture.

"Now more than ever cocktail fans are seeking out vodka classics like the Martini, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary and more," explains Carl Nolet Jr., Eleventh Generation of the Nolet Family Distillery. "We are so excited to see this era return to fun, playfulness, and ease in cocktail culture."

Born to Cocktail will begin rolling out the week of January 15th on digital and streaming platforms like Hulu, Paramount+, ABC, and CBS, among others.

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